Meet The Team

Gang's all here!

Wisp Entertainment is a Louisiana based company formed in 2012 by Van Phelan, Adam Folse and Samuel Perkins.  In 2016 Megan Hourcade joined the team and brought with her the idea for a new game, The Legend of Excalipurr.


The team brings a wide variety of skills and experience that makes them well equiped to create new, interesting, and fun games.




Megan is the creator and art director of The Legend of Excalipurr! She came up with the idea as a class project and with the help of Wisp is now taking that project to full realization. Megan is an avid supporter of all things cats-and-spaghetti related.

Van is a programmer/designer/wizard extraordinaire and Co-Founder of Wisp Entertainment. He is the lead programmer and game designer for The Legend of Excalipurr and works tirelessly to stay true to the 16-bit feel and direction of the game. 

Adam is a professor of 3D animation and VFX.  Also a Co-Founder of Wisp Entertainment Adam works to make his games "the most pretty."  He is the lead pixel artist for The Legend of Excalipurr and draws a great deal of inspiration from some of his favorite games.  

Sam (also known as Duck) is the third and final Co-Founder of Wisp Entertainment.  A software QA analyst by trade, Sam keeps the team motivated and on task as a producer for The Legend of Excalipurr.  Sam is the lead designer for another Wisp game known as "Spire."