A Paws For Thought

Greetings, Defenders of Kitten!

We wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who've joined us on this Kickstarter adventure.

We may not have made our goal, but know that without your support and excitement we wouldn't be nearly as far along as we are today.

Kickstarter has been a learning experience for us. We have met with a ton of great streamers, Youtubers, and fellow game devs along the way; and made so many new fans and followers! Because of you all we were able to get Greenlit in just 7 days and we couldn't have done it without you!

Rest assured, we are not abandoning Attack On Kitten! We paw-sitively cannot sit around and watch the evil fish win! We intend to continue our endeavor to make this game a reality, and we want to include you in our journey.

We've set up a mailing list to help keep you up to date on our paw-gress, share articles and videos, and notify you about free give-a-ways!

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